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Lexi Dinizo

Lexi Dinizo is a highly experienced Office Manager with over 9 years of expertise in various administrative roles. Her career is characterized by a diverse skill set, encompassing crucial functions such as accounts payable, accounts receivable, payroll processing, and the efficient oversight of daily administrative operations.

Lexi's unwavering commitment to ensuring the smooth functioning of office environments has been a hallmark of her professional journey. Her responsibilities have spanned a wide spectrum, including overseeing and supporting all administrative duties within the office to guarantee seamless operations.

Managing the office supplies inventory and proactively placing orders as needed has been one of her key responsibilities, alongside skillfully handling phone calls and directing them appropriately. Lexi has also efficiently managed incoming and outgoing mail and deliveries, ensuring that communication flows smoothly within the organization.

Throughout her career, Lexi has played a pivotal role in developing, implementing, and enforcing office policies and procedures, fostering a structured and organized work environment. Her contributions have extended to office layout planning, office moves, and the management and maintenance of IT infrastructure, highlighting her dedication to operational efficiency.

Lexi has adeptly managed office budgets, demonstrating meticulous attention to financial details. Her ability to identify and provide necessary administrative support, such as scheduling group meetings, maintaining calendars, conducting research, and generating reports, showcases her versatility and dedication to supporting her team.

In addition to her administrative prowess, Lexi has been responsible for collecting, sorting, and processing invoices and checks, ensuring timely payments and maintaining comprehensive records of business transactions. Her expertise also extends to processing invoices and bills to facilitate timely payments, a critical function in maintaining financial stability.

Lexi's involvement in significant projects, including the Embassy Suites by Hilton at Orlando Sunset Walk in Kissimmee, FL, the Margaritaville Resort Orlando Expansion, The Residences at Margaritaville (Kissimmee, FL), Belvedere Apartments (Tallahassee, FL), and Sweetgrass Apartments (St. Marys, GA), reflects her ability to contribute effectively to project success.


Lexi's educational journey has further enriched her capabilities, with a high school diploma earned with honors from Mainland High School in 2012. She has also completed a range of courses at Daytona State College, covering topics such as business, management, psychology, economics, law, and more.

Lexi Dinizo's career stands as a testament to her unwavering commitment to excellence, her proficiency in administrative functions, and her dedication to maintaining a highly efficient and organized office environment. Her multifaceted skill set, coupled with her continuous pursuit of knowledge, makes her an invaluable asset in any administrative capacity.



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